Magic Painter Method

  • Single stage. This is an all-in-one paint that gets the job done in just one sitting. A process where the gloss and the color mixed together and applied to the car as a unit.
  • Two-stage. This type is where we have a base coat with the color applied before a layer of clear coat is added to protect the color and give you a long lasting finish for years of service. It is labor intensive for you to apply several layers multiple times.
  1. Solid.
    This type of paint is usually applied in single step, it has very limited shades. If you’re a fan of solid colours, this is the right choice for you.
  2. Metallic.
    The difference compared to the solid paint lies in the powdered metal added into the paint. This gives the result an appealing shine and it helps hide bits of defect and scratches from afar.
  3. Pearlescent
    Pearlescent paint uses mica in the mixture to give that depth and shimmer as a result. It gives fantastic look but this is an expensive choice.
  4. Matte.
    Matte brings back the classic look of cars like from the 1930s. it is trickier to apply compared to the regular paint, because you can’t buff out any imperfections.
  5. Special.
    This paint in particular is basically a mixture of paints and has to be done in multiple applications.
  1. Damaging to paint.




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Darryl Wright

Darryl Wright

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